If you are into socio-political issues during this time and place, then the extended cut will probably please you. One of the most visually arresting pictures of recent years. Huang Wenjie as Hunchback. It’s never boring, but there are definitely moments where I sort of wanted the scene to change or move on. The acting was not the greatest, but it was mostly do to the child actors needed for the first 90 minutes of the film. This emphasizes my second favorite thing about the film, the grand scale of the story itself. The Last Emperor is a spectacular film photographed in brilliant color. John Lone as Pu Yi as an Adult.

Film Crazy Super Reviewer. However, there are times the film drags. Covering the years of , this film, despite being a bio pic, is really a great glimpse at the history of a country during some very turbulent but fascinating times. My absolute favorite thing about the movie is the cinematography. Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa as Chang. He selects Manchu descendant Wan Jung Joan Chen , who likewise is anxious to experience the 20th century rather than be locked into the past by tradition. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your email. Regardless of the version, this is a gorgeous film filled with excellent cinematography, beautiful costumes wonderful music the main title theme will forever be stick in my head , and just great artistry.

Valentkno Yi emperlr years: It’s like they knew that telling this story was important, especially because all parts of a country’s history deserve to be known to the masses. Aug 30, Full Review…. Inthe young emperor Tijer Tsou forced to abdicate when China is declared a republic, is a prisoner in his own palace, “protected” from the outside world.


Jade Go as Ar Mo. However, the second half of the film delivers much better performances.

The story covers over 60 yrs. Its interesting to a point about the last emperor however it just failed to engage me, i think over 3. Michael Vermaaten as American. Kaige Chen as Capital of Imperial Guard. Daxing Zhang as Usbtitles Warder. Ric Young as Interrogator. I’ve watched both the original and extended “director’s cut” though Bertolucci maintains that the theatrical cut is his prefered version and that the extended cut was just something he assembled for Italian TV and I think suntitles are both brilliant films.

Still, what director Bernardo Bertolucci Last Tango in Paris has accomplished here is both hte and impressive. Feb 21, Full Review…. By creating an account, you agree to the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Policiesand to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Dng.

More Top Movies Trailers. The acting was not the greatest, but it was mostly do to the child actors needed for the first 90 minutes of the film.

One of the most provocative and stunningly beautiful films of the past 20 years.

An epic, elegant, must-see, film. Please click the link below to receive your verification email.

emperr Ryuichi Sakamoto as Masahiko Amakasu. Huang Wenjie as Hunchback. I think I might like the original more though. This is an art film that is both mindblowing because of the technique and storytelling, and the story itself. If you cannot say what you mean, your majesty, you will never mean what you say and a gentleman should always mean what he says.


Zhang Lingmu as Emperor Hirohito.

The Last Emperor () – Rotten Tomatoes

I thoroughly enjoyed John Lone’s performance as the adult Puyi. Maggie Han as Eastern Jewel. Pan Hung as Li Shu Xian. Well, I’ve gushed a lot, but I don’t thnk this film is perfect. A sweeping valentuno epic like no other.

Valentino: The Last Emperor

Told in flashback, the film covers the years to How To Train Your Dragon: Post Share on Facebook. Adriel Lim Super Reviewer. Pu Yi 3 years: Peter O’Toole also gives a good supporting performance. If there is such a thing as voluptuous detachment, Bertolucci and John Lone have found it. As coolly lavish an epic as we may ever see. The scenes of his “re-education” are more painful because for him, it wasn’t “re” but just regular education. Inan invading warlord expels the denizens of the Forbidden City, allowing Pu Yi to “westernize” himself by embracing popular music and the latest dances as a guest of the Japanese Concession in Tientsin.

Full List of Academy Awards Winners. The pacing of this film is absolutely fantastic. Okay, that little diversion aside, this is a tremendous and wonderful film chronicling the life of Pu Yi, the last emporor of China before the tumultuous events that led to experiments with being a republic then a communist state.

Jan 7, Full Review…. Constantine Gregory as Oculist. Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password.

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