Jo, but he used transfusion on him too. At other times, particularly with — or in reference to — his close associate Soon Bum Lee Won Jong , he allows his cheekiness to peek through, and he shows flashes of adorable when he smiles:. December 29, at Thanks for the link, Timescout! Tae-yeon calls her, from what looks like inside the warehouse. I also agree with how short the season was. That emotional connection is what really hooked me with this show, and I hope at least next week’s episode will deliver That would make sense with how he was surprised as well.

This added tension and style to our storyboard. I already got everything figured out, then I read the recaps and they mess it all up and then I have to spend hours confirming my thoughts. Couldnt bad blood possibly be prosecutor mins sister? Even though there has been a variety of different viewpoints on this series, I’m glad there are still people sticking around to watch it and hope for a Season 3. I think he was a vampire but Tae-yeon’s bite changed him back. Thanks for the recap! November 20, at 6: November 12, at 8:

It’s not like blood is gushing out of those two holes.

Vampire Prosecutor Episode 9 English Sub [2/2] – video dailymotion

So creepy with the appearing out of nowhere. Jo enters the rundown building to find gangsters in a gambling den. Posted on November 19, August 30, at 8: December 20, at 6: It should be renamed Vampire Detective, not Vampire Prosecutor. I love badass Jung-in. The footage stops midway through the kidnapping of Ji-ae, so all they can see are the men who barge in, beat up Dr.


Notify me of new posts via email. Does anyone know the name of the background music after the Doctor stabs the guy What I really like tho is the little touches on Tae Yeong side: Blood isn’t a vampire but it makes me wonder So glad you cleared up some of it.

Cool, badass and full of substance.

Vampire Prosecutor Episode 9 English Sub [1/2]

I must say I liked the S1 cases much better than the S2 ones. December 1, at 9: Hyung has to go. He apologizes for not being able to help, and says that Tae-yeon is the only one who can handle Dr. They turn over the episodd to the police, and Jung-in asks Vampirs nervously about who it was who did that.

Meta [Happily never after] Maybe The huge amount of guilt that he must have been living with, knowing that he was the one responsible for creating the Big Bad, and therefore indirectly responsible for all the carnage over the years, must have been crippling.

And with the closing credits, we get bits and pieces of dialogue from previous episodes, cut together to give us cheeky clues: They better be filming season 3 right now! Jo and Runa were also kidnapped. Jo would’ve stayed for another season. It really came together in a fabulous way by the end stretch, and I found myself loving it a lot more than I expected to!

Page 1 Page 2 Next page. Jo beats him some more to demand he let the boys free. See the season 2 teaserthat guy have tattoo in his hands!! Then again, perhaps they need some fresh blod prodecutor don’t break up the team!!!!!


Please click the link in that email to complete the email change prossecutor. Omg I’m super excited for the ending! I felt like it was not very confirmed well enough, but if she really did die then… man…. Nice of you to show up, hero man.

I had originally thought that he himself was a vampire and that is where he got the blood to turn Jang. I loved this season.

I knew that Dr. He throws her down gooddraa to Tae-yeon, and adds another carrot to the deal: Did anyone think about how Dr. Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. How did all that just happen in one episode? Their new lady boss.?

Fade to black, and then some unknown time later, Dong-man eats ice cream in the park with Ji-ae. And the most striking move was Jung-in transitioning from a episde and perky girl who has a wardrobe full of exactly matching conservative pant suits to a woman who flaunts her attributes.

I started watching and instantly loved the show. Would his son have wanted him to kill others to save his son?

Review: Vampire Prosecutor | The Fangirl Verdict

More, I want more I say more I wish all these questions could be answered…. Yeah, I don’t feel like this season good though it is has progressed beyond the last one. Blood opens a locked door and Tae-yeon peers inside with horror:

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