Prisoner in the Viewfinder: Full version is out since the DVD is released already! I never had a chance to read it. Hope someday they can do a real anime OVAs with no censors. The prototype was supposed to be up so that people who want to see it can order it during the second preorder round. How can they end it at vol. Archived from the original on June 27,

What kind of new humiliations are in store for him? Hope someday they can do a real anime OVAs with no censors. Add to My List. Pray in Abyss Animate Japan and Libre Japan. Libre later accused Central Park Media of infringing on its copyright of the transferred Biblos properties, stating that all foreign license holders needed to negotiate new licenses with Libre as those Biblos had sold ended with the company’s bankruptcy. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. No other updates since.

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This is going to be kind of like…Yebisu Celebrities? Naked Truth 12 Hong Kong 7.

[AniMix] Viewfinder part.4 (Eng Subs) Final

Early DVD preorder bonus: Naked Truth 6 Hong Kong 1. Retrieved 29 July Escape and Love 5.

Fei Long, a rival Chinese boss who blames Asami for his father’s death, takes an interest in Takaba, as well, seeking a way to get revenge. InLibre picked up the series, reprinting the first three volumes before continuing its release.

Finder Series (You’re My Love Prize) –

Finder no Hyouteki Episode 1 Discussion ahin – Mar 14, Retrieved August 22, Link To This Page. You can also subscribe without commenting. Drowning in A Sea of Bloody Mary. Finder no Sekiyoku” in Japanese.

How will Asami respond to Akihito? Pray in the Abyss 4. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I never had a chance to read it.

Sensei have mentioned before that they will still consider making the full anime in the future: Glad I contributed to it but I also prefer a full anime orz;. Edit Ending Theme No ending themes have been added to this title.


You’re my love prize in Viewfinder OVA 1 subViet – ファインダーシリーズ – Video Dailymotion

Flower on the High Loft 1. Archived from the original on August 23, Pray in the Abyss 2.

Better late than never! I am wondering does the story so far stay true to the manga? Retrieved June 7, Its like oh 29 Feb is awaiting moment of seeing how it will be like abit of movement. Prisoner in the Viewfinder: Naked Truth 13 Hong Kong 8.

Yes its so awesome!

If I understand correctly, this volume will include material from vol. Pray in the Abyss 6.

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