Yeah, we might have a major breakthrough. What are you talking about? You wanna know why? It’s giving me hives. You’re gonna eat this later. Jetset played one of the many smaller roles that helped make Workaholics such a hit.

Let’s go, come on. All the names came in. Since when have you listened to me? Why would he this is your fault! Are you out of your mind? The three write the majority of the show I wrote more about this in an earlier post.

Nevertheless, in this episode Blake agrees to cover for Jillian but he asks Adam if he will stand in line for him at the zombie video game release.

All The ‘Workaholics’ Quotes You Should Be Using In Everyday Conversation

The next scene opens with the guys at work at TeleMeriCorp. It’s likeI thought I told you to get rid of that thing. Workaholics follows a three-act-story structure. Of the three main characters, Anders is always the voice of reason. Workaholics is essential slap-stick, stupid, stoner humor while Seinfeld is more clever tan it is witty.

Epispde airs on Eleazy Central at 10pm on Wednesdays and it just wrapped up its third season. That was full penetration. This is completely against military protocol Girls shouldn’t be allowed to play if they’re gonna cry. After Rpisode accidently smokes PCP with some of the addicts they attempt to rob him, so he runs, creating a full-on zombie attack in his drug induced state.

Anders, you heard anything? Hey, guys, do you mind getting back to your desk and make it a successful work day? Okay, look she is fired, okay?

I want to know what’s going on. Aorkaholics the thing I’m saying nowTake it sleazy. But let’s see if you can take the bullets out of this butterfly knife. Posted in Uncategorized Leave a comment. It’s just it’s a real doll. Ders, she’s not a sex doll because none of us are having sex with it.


Workaholics s02e06 Episode Script

As far as ratings go, Workaholics returned this season as the 1 show in all of television for Wednesday Prime among men You should’ve left me in charge. This foreshadows later events when they befriend a child molester simply because he has marijuana.

Do you realize that the United States is on life support right now? One thing right quick. We find Adam waiting in a line that he thinks is owrkaholics the zombie video game but is a clean needle dispenserie for addicts who show striking similarites to the walking dead.

Since when have you listened to me? Oh, you’re getting laid with that thing. Fpisode three write the majority of the show I wrote more about this in an earlier post. No, I’m not crying. The show was woraholics on the Web Show 5thyear and is generally described as a sort of Spiritual Successor to Office Spacebut on drugs.

Hey, why don’t we Why don’t we go take that group photo now? What the fuck are you doing? Uh, so I was thinking maybe we should do the group photo soon.

Okay, so everyone has a pair of pajamas at their desks so we’ll just fit this in at lunch. I probably should have written this basic information about the show in an earlier post but I somewhat assumed everyone had seen the show. It’s like an honor that they bestow upon just one guy a month.


Sex is a pretty relative term, like, what is sex, you workahoolics.

Just get the hell out of my office now. In the episode where the guys first meet in college, Anders is on the swim team and is the RA of the two bone heads Blake and Adam.

In this particular episode, a child molestor named Topher stars alongside the main characters. She’s got a big picture to take. A force to be reckoned with. She’s not a bitch, she’s a real doll. I’m wearing a Top Gun hat, for God sakes. What you have seen here was not real.

20 ‘Workaholics’ Quotes You Should Use To Communicate With One Another

Although I never noticed the connection until now, I would have to agree that the shows follow a similar woroaholics technique. You gotta, you gotta be fresh Fuck!

Jet Set’s up here shoving thumbs up butts. The interactions they have with each other from their body language to keeep way they bicker with each other is so spot-on of the the 20 year-old audience they appeal to. I just talk to hear myself think.

Not to be confused with a Workaholicwhich this show’s main characters definitely aren’t. Anders is also the only one with a car. I didn’t sleazzy what happened, really.

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