Married at First Sight 6. Safaree is a corny sexy brother them lips whoa. Tami drops the bomb on Reggie that she wants to call off their engagement and fears he will end their relationship; tension between Kristen and CeCe continues to build; Shaunie wants to boost her marijuana education with a trip. I just couldn’t with that Milan storyline. When I catch it, I will. Minaj, he gets credit from a lot of women for that. Well depends on who is driving

And Lyrica crying because her lion faced mama wasn’t there.. I’m going to marry him regardless Yeah, that little hobbit jumped on her arse like a fly. Terry English Kathleen Robertson You get a social grace award badge. Oh I know the same person that let A1 wear his mama’s house pants to the wedding. This one took the cake for me Pure when he was lbs smaller.

Season 9, Episode 3 December 10, Black Ink Crew Chicago August 15, Retrieved April 6, His body saves him. By Room 21 Network on August 06, No comments: And can somebody please get his simple lookin asss a Stylist bcuz he needs a new setup from them ugly seasson furs he be wearing, like hot and cold, he be rockin them like he looks good in them, NOT!!!!

By Room 21 Network on August 12, No comments: Dumb ass dudes can’t say no to crazy puss. Already 3 minutes late.

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InKim suffers a broken arm in the car accident and takes a leave of absence. Kami Keefer Joanne Baron Oh I watch in secrecy. Diddy throwback word, lol. Scamming is a full time job no? I’m jamming to her. Mona gotta retire the momma drama scripts.


Cornball thinks he’s kewl?? People go visit those places just because of the reality show. I think he is a good guy that would be a good BF or husband to someone one day. NO Say it ain’t so. Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series.

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I am of the school, if you break in then it’s your funeral whether I am there or not. Doug Schwartz Jeff Alba Man on the yop syndrome.

Jeremih Rosa so wet, get Rosa a coaster That booty’s so sdason, just like my sofa And I don’t mind that out, you standing here gettin’ gorgeous Yatdie all about that money, swear one day she gon’ Oprah And when I gotta run to the mall, she be my chauffeur Keep good kush on deck hi; and I ain’t even gotta roll up I ain’t even gotta pour up At time I dont wanna grow up Like 21 all over Girl, as long as it’s both of us [Hook] I’m What beauty supply basement are they getting these “hair pieces” from???

I don’t blame you! The time period alone takes us to a time where his look may be little bit llove. Bc bay-bee its gonna be one for the books. I died and went right to heaven!!!! I saw the scene where she walked into that bathroom and Mama Jones’ damn thongs were hanging on that shower door or rod.

Terry English Kathleen Robertson Jimmy, Kim, Howard, Chuck and the prosecutor meet to finalize Jimmy’s confession, with Jimmy agreeing to have it reviewed by the bar association. I can’t with Safaree nomo every since I saw him twerking and looking back at this bootay as he rolled it in a circle.


He gotta be on just level one, he cant be too far gone. God is working on me!

I was thoroughly amused?? Basketball Wives August 12, And then on top of that your titties sitting up there looking like two angry birds Random listening to Solange feat Bilal and had to watch his Prince tribute. You got some nerve there horsie. Even if it’s in email? All this “reality” TV is garbage. She hollering bout 12 yrs but he married and fathered kids with another woman I don’t know any of these folks you mentioned, except for Ray J and Willie.

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Holding hands is the only thing they do cute Fizz actually ain’t unhappy That Prince tribute with Bilal was everything. Basketball Wives August 05, Chuck realizes too late that his tirade has shocked the entire room into silence.

Nobody has replaced her. I’m so confused what type of weather are we dealing with her? They got no story. And Lyrica crying because her lion faced mama wasn’t there. Joanne a damn mess Never heard Safaree speak prior to this show.

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