Choi Wan Gyoo Episodes: Best Korean Dramas of was a great year for Korean drama! Lee Duk Gun Screenwriter: Monday to Friday at 8: What’s not to love? If you know of a kdrama that I don’t have listed, please let me know in the comments. The two of them have no choice but to violently point swords at each other. Jang Tae Yoo Screenwriter:

Lee Jung Hyo Screenwriters: Joo Sung Woo Screenwriter: Melodrama, Romance, Revenge Broadcast Network: Some articles have YouTube videos embedded in them. Learn more More Like This. Cheongdamdong Scandal This is a drama about a scandal that occurs in the high society in Cheongdamdong.

All of the Kimchi aka Everybody, Kimchi!

Melodrama, Family Broadcast Network: Filled with anger, she swears to get her revenge on the man who is responsible for her sister’s death. I assume it came out in December 15th, – Air time: June 23rd, tulsic August 12th, Air time: Sang Hyo and Hae Young were in love and got married seven years ago, but they divorced less than days later.

Based in the Joseon Times, this drama is about the crime prevention squad that used to patrol the streets from 9 pm to 5 am to catch ghosts. Park Min Jung Episodes: What if Earth was hit with a planet half the size of the moon?


June 24th, to January 3rd, Air time: Min Woo Shim Chang Min is a year-old webcomic writer. Cheongdamdong Scandal This is a drama about a scandal that occurs in the high society in Cheongdamdong. Kim Jin Min Screenwriter: January 31st, to February 2nd, Genre: Melodrama, Revenge, Romance Broadcast Network: Choi Jin Won Episodes: Into yulskc Fire aka Into the Flames This is a story about love, loyalty, yupsic sacrifice among people who make success for themselves, overcoming despair and poverty after the colonial era and the Korean War.

yyulsic In this drama, various contestants take part in a game show with a prize of 10 billion. Firstborn aka Oldest or The Eldest This is a drama that takes place in the s about the eldest of five siblings who takes care of his brothers and sisters after they lose their parents.

yulsic | Royal Family – Yulsic Couple | Pinterest | Girls generation, Kwon yuri and SNSD

God’s Gift—14 Days God’s Gift—14 Days is a drama about a mother who is given a chance to travel back into the past to save her child. Action, Comedy, Romance Broadcast Network: January 6th, to August 22nd, Air yjlsic This is a drama about the stress experienced in the workplace and the bias against overweight, unmarried women. Family, Romance Broadcast Network: June 25th, to September 24th, Genre: The Golden Cross The Golden Cross tells the story of a man who seeks revenge after losing his family because of being framed in a conspiracy.


Shin Chang Suk Screenwriter: Friday and Saturday at June 21st, to October 26th, Genre: Gap Dong Gap Dong is based on the real Hwa-seong serial killings and is a drama about the criminal investigations into the murders.

September 14th, to March 16th, Air time: Action, Romance, Melodrama Episodes: Eo Soo Seon Screenwriters: This drama tells the story of three women who are all in their late 30s.

April 26th, to October 5th, Air time: January 13th, to March 4th, Draa Who doesn’t like musicians? Eun Hee The day before the Korean War breaks out ina murder occurs in a village. Hong Seok Goo Screenwriter: Oh Jin Suk Screenwriter: Monday to Friday at This site uses cookies.

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