Imran Abbas shared his feelings about how the whole experience with the. PTV is our national institution which is backed by public funds. From the pictures shared on its facebook page, it appears to be a story of a middle class Punjabi. Zulaikha tells Hajra that nothing happened in her wedding night and flashbacks prove that Zulaikha accused Kausar for destroying her family, and Imraan felt guilty, which made him to support her. Dajee Upon checking Madiha’s mobile is now aware of the soft corner she has for Yousaf, he asks if she is in love with him or not, Madiha denies after which he tells her that his Love is only for Zulekha. He tells Dajee that Nikkah is now scheduled on Friday but Ruksati will take place on Sunday helpless and injured Yousaf now has no choice but to face the consequences, Zulakha gets ready in bridal form and is nervously waiting for Yousaf, Noor Muhammad calls Imran Moeez to ask where he is after which he tells him that he would never marry Zulekha, the marriage hence is postponed. Title screen of Mera Naam Yousuf Hai. Shehzad sheikh and Moomal Sheikh got married in the same year and these siblings are going to be become parents in the same year too.

Shehzad sheikh and Moomal Sheikh got married in the same year and these siblings are going to be become parents in the same year too. Noor decides to stay in Kausar Parveen’s house and asks Imran to take Zulaikha from his house, Zulaikha tells him to send Noor Muhammad back or she would divorce him, she further calls Kausar Parveen and tells her to do the same, Kausar lies to Noor Muhammad that she had sweated her upon which Noor Muhammad beats Zulaikha. The drama has a relatively large cast and characters. Here are some photos of Maya. It was written by the composing team itself. But if there was an actor who stole the spotlight today, it has to be Hina Khwaja Bayat.

Wali reaches home with the entire police force, Afiya successfully makes Zulaikha’s escape, Zulaikha approaches Tony who takes her to Yousuf. Yousuf Proposes to Madiha, Madiha declines.


It is very unfortunate to witness Shoaib Akhtar not only laughing at the jokes about Gousuf cricket team members which Harbajan Singh continuously told in an Indian show but what is even more unfortunate is that after a while we. Zulaika is tied chain and is tortured, while Yousuf is tortured by the police, it is shown that both of them faced torture and are helpless, Zullekha swears in front of Kausar Paveen that she will both let this go easily.

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Imraan leaves to Dubai divorcing Zulaikha. Zulaikha’s father asks her about her choice of wedding, he yells and questions her just then Zulaikha denies both the proposals and says that she would marry whom she yousif and according to her religion she is given full permission.

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It is revealed that Noor Muhammad wanted Zulaikha to marry Imran so he himself can marry Bushra Imran’s Aunt Afiya’s dark past makes it obvious that Noor Muhammad’s second marriage is her biggest defeat. Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Sonam Kapoor and Fawad Khan are much more than just co-stars. Nominations for 3rd Hum Awards vina the year are out. We already posted the pictures of all the other events, here are the pictures of her Valima. Hajira is bought back to Afiya by Noor Muhammad, he swears that he will bring Zulaikha back.

After this she helps Yousuf to stand through her support and rushes, the two escape with goons chasing them, after few goons caught them Yousuf hits them and the two are finally successful. Kausar Parveen gets Irked.

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The show aired weekly episode for 35 – 40 without commercials minutes every Friday to 18 July Syed Ahmad Kamran Production House: The story is told in a heavily serialised manner. We will see her very soon in a commercial as a mom and she has also done modelling for a leading Lawn. Series received extravagant reception in viewership and ratings.

That night Imran Moeez is beaten by Noor Muhammad and he binz tells him the real propose for the kidnapping, it is also revealed that Afiya is aware of Noor Muhammad extra marital affair thinking that she would never let Noor Muhammad win. Prmoo on the other hand is shown to be belonged to a very strict father but polite mother who always stands for her children prom daughters. Noor Muhammad finally Bushra and promises to gift him a three lac rupee cheque.


The new drama serial has been written by Saira Arif and is a production of M Entertainment. The wedding was held in Karachi in which Sharmila Farooqui tied the knot with Hashim Riaz Sheikh binz is a former banker and currently. She acts as if she is prmoo childhood friend and meets her unaware of the truth, Zulaikha’s family thinks that she is true but she secretly tells Zulaikha that she is only here for Yousuf.

On the other hand, its told that Yousuf’s friends’s Taji’s sister Madiha has hidden feelings for him and calls him on phone which Yousuf dislikes, she tells him that she is his friend and he can share any thing with her, verbally aware of the truth Yousuf tells her that he loves Zulaikha and she must take convince her, deeply hurt Madiha agrees.


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Imraan leaves Zulaikha to her home and goes back. Imran Abbas [14] [15] joined the shoot. The nominations for Viewers Choice are mentioned here.

KarachiSindhPakistan. Jersey City, New Jersey.

Madiha and Yousuf’s marriage function starts, Zulaikha and Hajra attends. New York City, New York. Yousuf starts a job and starts getting high income, he finally accepts his step-mother and tends to move on.

It was written by the composing team itself.

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